A divorce or child custody case is a major turning point for most people. Life happens after divorce and sometimes it makes past agreements unworkable. With a significant change in circumstances it may become possible to modify existing child custody and parenting plans or child/spousal support orders.

Attorney Steven M. Bishop, certified as a specialist in family law by the California Board of Legal Specialization, has worked with many individuals who needed help revisiting these prior orders. Mr. Bishop has over four decades of experience handling custody and parenting-time cases and will provide you an honest assessment of the options available to you.

Understanding Change In Circumstances

These are complex matters and it is absolutely essential you work with an experienced lawyer in your case. Courts may require you to show a significant change in circumstances before your request will be granted.

Some of the reasons which may justify a modification include, but are not limited to:

  • A change in child support payments as a result of changing jobs
  • A request to relocate with the children to be closer to family
  • A custody modification due to a parent’s inability to provide a suitable living environment for the children

You must present evidence to establish you meet the specific criteria required by the court. To be certified in family law, Mr. Bishop was required to have served as counsel in numerous trials. He understands what it takes to be an effective litigator and will help you present a compelling case to help you achieve or contest a modification.

A Strong Advocate Committed To Protecting Your Family

To meet with Mr. Bishop to discuss your case, please call our San Diego office at 619-535-0678 or send us an email to arrange a free telephone consultation. We represent people throughout San Diego County and Southern California in a wide range of cases involving family law matters.

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