You and your spouse have made it a point to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve success. Whether you made the right investments or oversee a successful business, you are deservedly proud of your accomplishments. You do not want to see all this disappear simply because you have decided to end your marriage.

At The Law Office of Steven M. Bishop, CFLS, we understand how important it is for you to protect the assets you worked so hard to obtain. Our lawyer, Steven M. Bishop, is a certified specialist in family law. He has spent over four decades working with people just like you — people who are facing divorce and need help with the division of their marital property.

Developing Creative Solutions

California requires that all marital property accumulated during the marriage be divided equally between the parties. This is something which can lead to confusion, conflict and frustration, especially when significant assets are involved. Our attorney has helped many individuals find answers in high-asset divorces which include property such as:

  • Stocks and other investment assets
  • 401(k) accounts, pensions and other retirement assets
  • Jointly owned businesses
  • Bank accounts and self-employment income
  • Vacation homes and other real property

We know emotions can run high during the divorce process and you may be extremely uncertain about what is best for you. Mr. Bishop will serve as your guide at all times and offer you clear advice regarding the choices you will be required to make.

As a skilled litigator, Mr. Bishop is prepared to fight for you inside the courtroom if it is not possible to find workable solutions with your spouse. We are not going to give up when the other side refuses to cooperate. We stand up to the bullies who are trying to push you into making a bad decision.

Let Us Help You Prepare For A Better Future

Don’t make a mistake that could cause you to lose everything. To speak to us about your case, please call our San Diego office at 619-535-0678 or send us an email to arrange a free phone consultation with Mr. Bishop.

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