What Happens To My Family Home In A Divorce?

Deciding what happens to the family home is often one of the most difficult issues in a divorce. It affects the future living arrangements of the parties and any minor children. It also has tax ramifications and may affect the possibility of spousal support. If you want to know what to expect regarding the family home, start by learning about California property division laws.

California property division laws

A business may or may not be considered a marital asset when partners divorce in California. All property is divided either by ownership, agreement, or court order. Ownership of a business may be determined by when the business was started, who contributed to the operation of the business, and what was agreed to regarding ownership of the business at the time of marriage or afterward.  When there is no specific agreement about

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How is Child Custody Handled While a Divorce is Ongoing

One of the most acrimonious moments in a person’s life is when child custody is contested following a divorce If a parent doesn’t pursue parental rights, they will have limited contact with their kids for the duration of their childhood. Even worse, a parent’s right to visitation and custody may be taken away, restricting contact with the kids until they are no

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Does Summer Camp Affect Child Custody or Parenting Time?

The summer shuffle is real. For divorced parents and their children, it is a complicated mix-up to the regular routine, filled with summer camps, programs, and more. Navigating through the bumpy road of child custody is challenging enough, but summer can be

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Will a Divorce Leave Me With My Spouse’s Debts?

Angela Powell met her husband when they were freshmen in college. They were married after graduation and they settled in Arizona. They consolidated their student loans under a federal program designed to help married couples, which helped lower their interest rates. Unfortunately, like many other marriages, theirs didn’t last.  Even though Angela’s husband had taken

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Supervised Visitation – What You Need to Know

Many parents say change cannot come quick enough regarding the rules and laws surrounding supervised visitation of children amid custody disputes. Three tragic stories are at the center of this push for change in California laws.  In 2017, a Los Angeles woman requested sole custody of her

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Initiating a Divorce During the Holiday Season – What to Consider

Initiating or filing for divorce in San Diego County during the holiday season can be difficult. It is why many do so in January, known as the peak season for divorces. Divorce filings are reported to spike by nearly one-third following the holidays. In 2019, a 73-year-old California woman was awarded $150,000 in back child support. The retired interior designer and Carlsbad resident raised her daughter alone after her ex-husband abandoned his family almost 50 years before. His daughter was a toddler

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Does Paying Extra in Child Support Mean You Can Pay Less Later

Having to make child support payments every month can be a hassle. So why not just pay the entire amount now and be done with it? It may sound like a good idea to pay off a child support obligation, but individuals might want to consider how the legal system in California views child support and lump sum payments before making their decision. Unlike other types of fixed monthly expenses, child support payments

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Prenuptials Agreements Aren’t Just for the Wealthy

TJ, and Sandy had a romantic meeting. Sandy Webb, met TJ at a bar in Apache Junction, Arizona. Years later, TJ found himself on a hospital bed, staring death in the eyes as a result of cancer. TJ proposed to her right then and there to affirm his love for her forever, but Sandy had one request: she wanted a prenup.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement

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