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Along with child custody, child support is one of the major points of concern for parents going through a divorce or paternity action. Like custody, there are specific factors the Court will analyze to determine the proper amount of child support. While this may seem relatively straightforward, there are many issues which can cause these cases to become extremely complicated.

At the Law Office of Steven M. Bishop, CFLS, we have helped many parents who have struggled to find answers to their child support concerns. Our firm is led by founding lawyer Steven M. Bishop, who has been certified as a specialist in family law by the California Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Bishop has over four decades of legal experience with family law concerns, including countless cases involving the determination of child support.

Helping You Calculate Child Support Payments

The child’s parents might be able to agree on the amount of child support that the noncustodial parent will pay to the custodial parent, but this is often not the case. If they are unable to come to an agreeable solution, the Court decides the child support amount based on a statewide guideline calculation.

California state guidelines are based on each parent’s net disposable income and the amount of time the child(ren) spend in each parent’s residence. The law determines net disposable incomes by taking the total of all sources of a parent’s earnings and subtracting certain allowances, such as:

  • Taxes
  • Mandatory union dues
  • Costs of raising children from a previous relationship
  • Mandatory retirement contributions
  • Health care premiums
  • Spousal support obligations

The exact formula for arriving at the prescribed amount of child support is very complex but experienced Family Law attorneys like Steven M. Bishop have access to the programs and software which provides an accurate estimate.

In some of these cases, a parent may make an effort to underreport income to the Court. This is especially true when a party owns a business or is self-employed. In these situations, it is extremely important to work with an experienced attorney to ensure the Court has the correct information when making its final determination.

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