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The Law Office of Steven M. Bishop handles a wide variety of cases. Mr. Bishop has provided legal representation to highly contested cases involving considerable income and assets, such as those brought to him by professional athletes and well-known business and community figures. Yet he is equally adept at handling more modest cases and less complex cases, such as uncontested divorces.

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Who should file for divorce and does it matter?

It does not matter who files for the divorce. The Court does not care. The filing fees are nearly the same for the Petition and the Response. It might be an issue if you and your spouse live in different areas of town and one of you wish to have the matter heard in the courthouse closest to your home – all hearings and subsequent filings will occur at the courthouse where the Petition is filed.

What are Mr. Bishop’s Qualifications?

Mr. Bishop is not a Certified Family Law Specialist (100% dedicated to family law work); however, 95% of his practice is devoted exclusively to the area of family law. His other areas of practice are closely related (estate planning, adoptions, guardianships, etc.) He has handled thousands of cases over the last 40 years.

What is the most significant change in Family Law over the last 40 years?

Mr. Bishop believes the most significant change in family law over the past 40 years is that the Courts have become increasingly gender-neutral. Men have far more equal footing in custody and visitation issues as well as financial matters.

What does divorce cost?

The expenses of most divorces are driven by the parties and the complexity of the individual case. It is nearly impossible to render an accurate estimate of the total cost. We have had cases breeze through in weeks within the parameters of the initial retainer. We have had hotly disputed, complex cases drag on for years and run $50,000 and up.


Steve, thank you for your excellent work on my behalf. Your understanding of the situation is spot on.
Mr. Bishop, you are an awesome attorney! To have spontaneously walked to the podium and bring to light those important issues and represent me as you did yesterday was artwork and professionalism at its best. Thank You
John Smith,Columbia, D.C.
Thank You for your quick and prompt attention. I appreciate the detailed explanation and keeping me well informed. I look forward to our next meeting.


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