Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation: Which Option Is Right for You?

Divorce versus Mediation

Hollywood break-ups usually make the headlines, with the especially nasty divorce disputes making up the most popular clickbait. When a famous couple splits amicably – like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, who went through mediation and still live on the same property – it’s not as exciting in terms of Hollywood gossip, but definitely a

Military Divorce in San Diego: Understanding Your Rights and Benefits

Military Divorce Law

In a horrific incident, Michael Haight, a 42-year-old insurance salesman, shot and killed his wife Tausha Haight, his mother-in-law Gail Earl, and their five children before taking his own life in Enoch City, Utah. The tragic event occurred after Tausha filed for divorce on December 21st. This incident underscores the devastating consequences of divorce, particularly

What Happens if a Parent Relocates Out of State With Minor Children?

Parent Relocating Divorce Law

Spice Girl Mel B’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte recently asked a court to approve his move from Los Angeles to Miami with their daughter Madison. In the filing documents, Belafonte notes that he has a secure job and solid social network in Miami and he has researched schools and healthcare options in the area. In addition,

What Are The Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements?

Pets Are No Longer Just Physical Property

Prenups are practically a given for the rich and famous, but they’re useful for the average couple as well. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth reportedly had dramatic arguments over their prenuptial agreement, including shouting and tears. While forming the agreement was difficult, it did help ensure their separation went smoothly. The divorce was finalized within

Creating a Co-Parenting Plan After A Divorce

Co-Parenting Plan Divorce

Kelly Clarkson recently gave a podcast interview in which she touched on the emotional challenges of parenting after divorce. As part of her children’s bedtime routine, she asks whether they’re happy and what would make them happier. Sometimes, the children have responded with sadness because they wished their parents lived in the same house. This

Who Gets The Tax Refund After a Divorce?

Divorce Tax Refund

Divorces often take long enough that the separating spouses need to file taxes during the process. This often leads to conflict. In one such case, one spouse filed a joint return without informing the other, who then filed a separate return. The spouse who filed the joint return kept the entire refund, and the IRS

Are Grandparents Automatically Granted Visitation Rights During a Divorce?

Grandparent Visitation Rights

California has some of the lowest divorce rates in the country, at just 6.5%. However, that still means thousands of divorces in California each year. Those divorces can mean considerable trauma and emotion for everyone involved: not just the divorcing spouses, but their children and, in many cases, those children’s grandparents. Many grandparents may wonder,