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Sometimes couples who divorce find their love rekindles later in life at a time when they are in different places in their lives than they were during their marriage and they decide to give their relationship a second chance. Although it is not especially common, it is also not unheard of for former spouses to discover the things that initially drew them together in the first place still exist, drawing them together once again. Some experts estimate that about 10% of all married couples who separate will eventually reconcile at some point in their lives. If you have rekindled a relationship with your former spouse and are contemplating a remarriage, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you say "I do", again.


After a divorce, tensions are often high, and you may feel like you will either never want to speak to your former spouse again, or that if you must communicate with them, you will not do it willingly. In many cases, especially when there are children involved, former spouses must learn how to communicate effectively after a divorce. Successful co-parenting relies on both parties communicating clearly and respecting the other even if they neither like nor respect the other parent.


When you are an active duty member of our armed forces you have a lot to think about. One thing that is extremely important for our military service men and women to put in place are proper estate plans. Without proper estate planning, you will have no say after your death in who gets what. Your property, including family heirlooms and treasured pieces may end up not going to your loved ones as you would have wished. Proper estate planning ensures your wishes will be honored upon your death and your family and loved ones will be provided with some peace of mind at a difficult and trying time in their lives.


When it comes to financially providing for children, most moms and dads are stand-up, responsible adults who want to do the right thing: they want to properly support their child in every way possible, including financially. Unfortunately, there are some common child support mistakes that many fall prey to, which we've captured below. Before you make your next child support payment, review this list, and make sure that you're not falling victim to any of these common child support mistakes!


Most everyone these days is active on social media: whether you connect with old friends and family via Facebook, pin recipes you want to try to Pinterest, share your favorite photos on Instagram or follow friends via quick tweets on Twitter. But, is social media responsible for ending marriages? For many, social media is a fun and harmless way to reconnect with old friends, family who lives out of state, or to find new friends. But, for a growing number of couples, social media becomes the downfall of their marriage, and ultimately leads to divorce.

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