As a Certified Family Law Specialist and a practicing attorney for the last 41 years, the current scope of my legal services primarily focuses on family law issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division. However, I also have expertise in estate planning, which is frequently an essential component of a family law case.

In light of the temporary closure of the San Diego Superior Court system, which placed a “hold” on my family law practice, I have an opportunity to emphasize and prioritize, at least for the moment, this other skill set and I want to extend to you an invitation to take advantage of it.

Estate Planning

I encourage every client, at the end of their case, to seriously consider creating an estate plan, which consists of a Revocable Living Trust, Last Will and Testament, and relevant Powers of Attorney for both healthcare and financial issues.

My staff and I have some extra time and since I would like to keep my business operating (including paying my employees, which they would greatly appreciate ) until the court system reopens, I am motivated to offer an incentive-based cost for an estate planning package.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of an estate plan, particularly if you have children, own a home or have even a modest financial portfolio. Should you die without a Revocable Trust, in all likelihood your estate will need to go through probate, which can be a year-long (or longer) process and cost tens of thousands of dollars, even for someone with relatively nominal assets, not to mention potential tax consequences. A Revocable Trust can minimize if not altogether eliminate those risks.

For those concerned with maintaining “social distance” during the coronavirus pandemic, everything can be done online or over the phone, with the exception of the signing of the final documents. Your signatures must be notarized and our Executive Assistant, Connie, can perform that function. I am informed these services constitute a “necessary public benefit” and we will not be prohibited from meeting with you. If for any reason, we are not allowed to do so, I will arrange for a notary public to come to your home with me.

I cannot predict how long I will be able to make this offer available, but it is a great deal for those in need at this time.

Please contact me if you would like to get the ball rolling. Thank you for your consideration. Please contact me if you have any questions.

– Steven M. Bishop, Attorney at Law and Certified Family Law Specialist

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