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Understanding the Role of a Child Custody Evaluator in Family Law Proceedings

Child Custody

A recent report by the Center for Judicial Excellence, based in San Rafael, disclosed 944 children have been fatally harmed by a parent or parental figure amid divorce or separation proceedings since 2008. It’s argued family courts frequently overlook indicators of danger, making choices prioritize parent-child visits even when evidence of abuse exists. According to

Effective Strategies for Child Custody Mediation: Tips for Successful Resolution in California

Child Custody Mediation

Mediation can be a very effective method of agreeing on child custody arrangements during the divorce process. In a study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, researchers found divorced parents who engaged in mediation, rather than litigation, for custody disputes had increased involvement in various aspects of their children’s lives. Even 12

How is my child custody agreement affected if my child changes schools

Child Custody Agreement

Cathedral Catholic High School in Carmel Valley is a highly sought-after educational institution in San Diego. A 54-acre campus with Mediterranean architecture, AP classes offered in a dozen subjects, and over 80 extracurricular activities on offer make for fierce competition for students who want to live their best high school life. When admission decisions are

Does Summer Camp Affect Child Custody or Parenting Time?

Child Custody Law

The summer shuffle is real. For divorced parents and their children, it is a complicated mix-up to the regular routine, filled with summer camps, programs, and more. Navigating through the bumpy road of child custody is challenging enough, but summer can be an especially difficult time of year when parents need to agree on these

Where to Report Non-Payment of Child Support and Steps to Take Next

In 2019, a 73-year-old California woman was awarded $150,000 in back child support. The retired interior designer and Carlsbad resident raised her daughter alone after her ex-husband abandoned his family almost 50 years before. His daughter was a toddler when he left for Canada, and now, she is in her 5os. The single mom juggled

How a Raise or Demotion Could Affect Child Support Payments

When a marriage or domestic partnership ends in California and there are minor children involved, a court will be very interested in making sure that the children will continue to receive the financial support necessary to provide for their basic needs and, in some cases, the lifestyle they were accustomed to living before the divorce.