Whether you have recently gone through a divorce, a divorce is pending or you have been separated from the other parent for a number of years, there are 3 things that every dad should know:

If there has been a change in your financial circumstances and you can no longer afford to pay your court ordered child support or spousal support, you can seek a modification from the court

Too many men assume that you must pay whatever the court orders you to pay, until your child is a legal adult, or until your alimony support order ends. Some of these men, when faced with financial difficulties like unemployment, simply stop paying their child support for a period of time. The reality is that you, through your family law attorney, can request a modification to your child support order when you have experienced a change in your financial situation. Seeking a modification to your support order is often a fairly simple, straightforward process and one that family law attorneys like the Law Office of Steven M. Bishop have extensive experience with.

If you get behind in child support, your ex cannot keep you from seeing your children until you pay in full

Children are not bargaining tools post-separation, and child support obligations and visitation schedules are totally separate things. One does not tie to the other. If the other parent is withholding your visits from your children because you are behind in child support, or for any other reason, call our office immediately for a free consultation. We take father's rights very seriously, and fight aggressively on behalf of our clients. Although you should always try to remain current with your child support obligations, the other parent may not legally limit your access to your child or children based on how much support you have paid.

If my former spouse or I remarry, will my child support obligations be reduced or changed?

While every situation is unique, generally your child support obligations will not be reduced or changed if or when you or your ex-partner remarry. If you can prove that through your remarriage your family and household financial obligations have dramatically changed, or at the same time you remarried your income significantly changed, you may be able to successfully petition the court for a modification to your support order. Child support orders are made between the two parents to a child, not their new or future spouses and so, even if your ex marries someone of significant financial means, it is unlikely that your support obligations will change. Every situation is unique however, which is why we're available online, in person or over the phone to hear the facts of your case, and to help you however we can. The Law Office of Steven M. Bishop is conveniently located in San Diego, and has served the greater San Diego and southern California area for nearly 40 years. Call us today for a free consultation.

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