When a parent-child relationship is complicated by certain factors, a court might order supervised visitation. Those factors might include issues of substance abuse, a history of parental abuse of the child, or the parent being absent from the child's life for a period of time. When the circumstances leading to the order for supervision have changed, it might be appropriate for the parent to seek a modification in the visitation arrangement so it is no longer supervised. To achieve this, the parent can takes steps to have the requirement for suspension removed.


To have the order for supervised visitation changed, the parties must agree or the court must approve it. The judge will grant your request if all parties involved are in agreement about the change.

Here are the steps you can take to change a supervision order:

  • Request to change supervisors - If you dissatisfied with your current supervisor, you should consider asking for a change. A supervisor who respects your rights is more likely to have an unbiased view of your interaction with your child and may make a favorable recommendation to the court.
  • File a court order to modify visitation - Once you believe the reason for imposing supervised visitation no longer exits, you can petition the court for a modification to your parenting plan. If the supervisor supports the change, the judge may agree to drop the supervision requirement. It should be noted, while your child does not have the final say, if they are old enough the court may consider their wishes.
  • Hire an attorney to assist you - You do not need to go through this process alone. If a judge ordered supervised visitation for you and your child originally, it is an indication that the relationship was strained at that time. The burden is on you and your attorney to prove that things have changed for the better and that supervision is no longer necessary.
  • A family law attorney can help you succeed with your petition and other legal needs.

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