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School refusal, also called school phobia, is a form of separation anxiety. Children who attempt to refuse to go to school for more than a few days in a row might be suffering from anxiety related to a traumatic event. A very common cause of school refusal is divorce.


When a parent-child relationship is complicated by certain factors, a court might order supervised visitation. Those factors might include issues of substance abuse, a history of parental abuse of the child, or the parent being absent from the child's life for a period of time. When the circumstances leading to the order for supervision have changed, it might be appropriate for the parent to seek a modification in the visitation arrangement so it is no longer supervised. To achieve this, the parent can takes steps to have the requirement for suspension removed.


Since the Betty Ford Clinic became the go-to place for celebrities to overcome their issues with addiction, inpatient detox centers have steadily gained popularity with the wealthy and the troubled. California's latest in emotional immersion therapy is West Hollywood's Divorce Detox Retreat Center. The facility offers three options for the detox process: a 90-day retreat, an ongoing group and individual treatment. The center's founder, Allison Pescosolido, is a relationship expert with degrees in psychology and public policy plus certifications in life coaching and grief recovery. She has appeared on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines dispensing expert relationship advice.


Watch an episode of The Brady Bunch and you might be reminded of how much things have changed. In the early '70s, the blended family structure was a rarity, but today as many as 40 percent of all Americans have a step-relative, be it a parent, child, grandparent, former spouse or in-law. The finances of a blended family can be tricky. It is important to keep in mind that legal and financial advice can keep your finances as healthy as possible if you are separated or divorced, or are in the process of creating a blended family.


High-profile Los Angeles couple Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are on the marriage rocks, says the press. Kardashian has written extensively about her frustrations with Odom's alleged drug problems and infidelity through social media platforms. Recent reports speculate that separation is in the near future for the celebrity couple. According to some news sources, if they do separate or divorce, Kardashian is legally entitled to stay in the couple's magnificent Tarzana home and receive a generous amount of financial support.


Parents do not always agree on childrearing. When parents are divorced, those disagreements can cause a great deal of stress as the parents struggle to find common ground. One of these areas might be the educational decisions they make on behalf of the children they share. California law stipulates mandatory school attendance for all the state's residents until the age of 18. Beyond attendance, there are no state guidelines regarding the type of education parents must provide. It is advisable for divorcing parents to address educational issues in mediation while creating their parenting agreement.


There was a time when paternity could not be proven, only assumed. A child's father was the person who acted as the father, whether he was a biological parent or not. Now that genetic testing is available and we can prove biological paternity, fathers no longer have the option to walk away from the responsibilities of parenthood. However, a father who has assumed the role of parent and is in fact not the biological father has the option to disprove biological paternity and absolve himself of the legal and financial burdens of fatherhood.


Some people just do not see a divorce coming. While many couples spend years in counseling and make every attempt to work out their differences prior to separation and divorce, some people simply walk away without warning. A partner may have even been preparing to leave the marriage for quite a while. If you are blindsided by divorce, you might find that your finances have changed without your knowledge and you are being left with far less than your fair share. If you do not want this to happen to you, you can take these steps to protect yourself and your financial future.

Can Having Siblings Decrease Your Risk of Divorce?

According to a study by researchers at Ohio State University, people who are raised in a large family have a lower rate of divorce than the general population. While the margin of decreased risk is only two percent, sociologists evaluating the study believe that the number is significant. Donna Bobbitt-Zehel, one of the authors of the study, believes the results indicate that a childhood full of sibling relationships fosters superior negotiating skills and the flexibility necessary to stay married.

Supporting a Child With Special Needs

According to California law, the responsibility of raising a child belongs to both parents. The state sets forth guidelines for determining an appropriate amount of child support one parent must pay the other parent for the child's maintenance. Parents supporting a child with special needs might be entitled to support under a different set of rules.

When Is It Time To Modify Your Parenting Plan

California family law requires divorced or separated parents to follow a parenting plan. Parents are encouraged to work out the details of the plan together, possibly with help from a mediator or attorneys. A parenting plan may require modification as the children's needs and the parents' circumstances change.

Divorce And Dividing The Family Business

California is a community property state. According to the law, all of a divorcing couple's assets are divided so each receives equal value, unless the parties agree otherwise. If one spouse wishes to maintain ownership of a business or practice, that person might have the option to buy out the other spouse. When dividing a family business or professional practice, determining the value of the business can be complex.

When Is It Time To Modify Your Parenting Plan

California family law requires divorced or separated parents to follow a parenting plan. Parents are encouraged to work out the details of the plan together, possibly with help from a mediator or attorneys. A parenting plan may require modification as the children's needs and the parents' circumstances change.

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