Do you believe sole legal custody would be best for your kids?

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Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs a person can have. Though you love your children more than anything and would do anything for them, making certain decisions regarding their well-being can be difficult. For example, you may feel that seeking sole custody of the children in your divorce would be best for them, but it also means that they would have a weaker relationship with the other parent.

Of course, if you believe the other parent is unfit, you may not think that a weaker relationship with that parent will be detrimental to their overall well-being. Still, you know that seeking sole custody is not easy, especially when you want sole legal custody as well as sole physical custody.

Being the decision-maker

In most cases, even if a parent obtains sole physical custody as the outcome of child custody proceedings, both parents typically maintain legal custody, meaning that both parents can make important decisions for the children. However, if you believe that the other parent has poor decision-making abilities and makes choices that could harm the children or otherwise negatively affect their well-being, you may feel that seeking sole legal custody is in your children’s best interests.

This type of arrangement can have its benefits, such as keeping the children safe from dangerous or other unseemly behavior from the other parent. It could also make decision-making easier for you because you would not have to confer with the other parent before making a choice. Having one parent make consistent choices could also help the children maintain a sense of stability.

Double-edged sword

Of course, this type of arrangement can have its downsides too. For example, you may feel overwhelmed having to make all of the important decisions for your children on your own. The children may also experience feelings of strain because they only receive input from one parent and do not receive another perspective. Because the other parent does not have important decision-making abilities for the children, he or she may withdraw from the kids.

If you are considering sole legal custody, you may want to ensure that you thoroughly review this option. If you believe that allowing the other parent to make decisions for your children could put them in danger, you may want to determine your best options for presenting your case for sole legal custody to the court. Having a California family law attorney on your side during this endeavor may prove invaluable.

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