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Referral Base

Mr. Bishop, a divorce lawyer in San Diego, advertises widely in Yellow Pages, The Shepherd’s Guide and on-line through this website. Although all those sources provide information and direction to those seeking information regarding family law issues such as divorce, separation, child custody and support issues, a significant number of Mr. Bishop’s clients come to him through referrals.

Former clients regularly refer family members and friends with family law needs to Mr. Bishop. This is a real measure of client satisfaction! Any lawsuit can be an emotional undertaking, but family law cases are even more so. When, after the emotionally draining case is over, a client feels positively enough about Mr. Bishop to recommend him to others, it speaks highly of the personal care and concern he showed them during the pendency of their case as well as his ability in the legal arena.

Some referrals come from “the other side” when the opposing party was more impressed by Mr. Bishop than their own attorney. They recommend him to their friends based on their observation of him in the courtroom, through correspondence directed to their attorney and the final outcome of the case. Ironically, Mr. Bishop has been hired by former spouses on “the other side” to represent them in their own subsequent divorces.

Mr. Bishop is particularly honored to have clients referred to him from many area Christian churches. These churches have had members attest to Mr. Bishop’s faith-based approached to divorce and his testimony while working with them.

Mr. Bishop often encourages them to work with their ministers to see if reconciliation is possible. Occasionally, couples are reconciled, a fact to which the letter below attests.


Regardless of the source of the referral, Mr. Bishop is appreciative of the confidence and trust placed in him by those he has served and those currently entrusted to him by former clients, their family and friends, opposing parties, churches and pastor referrals.

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